Welcome to the Home of the Shamans!

This video is about 2 guys going water skipping. water skipping is when you ride on the water with your snow machine. some people may run out of luck and sink. sinking int he ice cold water is dangerous because there is a risk that you will get hypothermia.hypothermia is a big and preventable cause of death. But water skipping is very fun. :D

This video is about seal hunting. seals are a big source of food to the native alaskans. this video was taken in the ocean at the time of spring. seal hunting is very fun,but it may get dangerous. The dangers are everywhere, because you have to go to the coast of the ocean, there may be cracks or openings that you can get into. If you are not alert in the ocean, it is very dangerous. We go out miles to get to the coast, first we get the boats. sometimes we have to wait for open water, ice packs makes us wait. seeing the ice move, it is very awesome and beautiful. Ice moves pretty quick depending on the tide. Watching out for ice flow is important because if you go into the middle of the ice flow, you can get stuck in the ice flow. Seal hunting may be fun, but you always have to watch out.